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Luau Party Scene Setter DecorationA complete decorating system for walls and large areas. Scene setters and Insta-Scenes are printed rolls and sheets of plastic that create a scene based around a specific party theme. Scene setters are generally used on walls or ceiling areas and are designed to cover from 240 to 400 square feet of area (rolls are 30 - 50 linear feet). Scene setter plastic is thick enough to keep it from being see through. If you have ever dealt with tablecover plastics, you will realize that the material used here is remarkably similar except that it is printed to be used on the wall or ceiling. Scene setter party decorations are easily attached to the wall with a gooey product called party tack. The sticky tack is only a temporary adhesive and can usually be removed very easily from the wall after the party.

Scene setter components consist of wall wrap, border rolls, and add ons. When all of these different pieces are put together you will have a completely trasformed your room that will make your party look amazing. Here is a break down of each of these elements.

Wall wraps do just what it sounds like, they wrap your walls to act as a base for the rest of your scene setting party decorations. There are generally two pieces / panels included with each scene setting theme. The bottom panel will measure 48 inches high (or tall) and will measure 30-50 feet long. The bottom and top rolls are designed to coordinate with each other. When put together, these scene setters should cover most home walls (8 feet tall).

Banner rolls are great accents for the top or bottom of the wall wraps. Banner roll are also made of plastic and will be printed in a design to give the wall wrap a "finished look" around the edges. Party tack is also used to temporarily adhere these decorations to the wall. Each banner roll measures 18" tall by 30-50 feet long in general. You can also use banner rolls as table runners to accent solid colored table covers.

Add ons are the final step in the scene setting process. Add ons are printed plastic sheets that vary in size and shapes. Some patterns will include add ons which feature characters in action positions along with life sized prints that will give the room the right accent. Add ons can be used for many purposes including door and window decor, as well as giving substance to the wall wraps. Add ons are best adhered with party tack.

With these few party accessories, you can easily take your guests on a trip to a festive location without even needing to leaving home. All of these types of party supplies are available in individual as well as bulk quantities. If you are decorating a large area you will want to look through the bulk portions of the site, but decorations for a single room can be easily accommodated in the Green Warehouse. If you have never used these products, be sure to check out our scene setter video that will walk you through all of the steps and details involved in making your party look amazing with these great party decorations.


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