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Get ready for fun when you prepare for an Africa themed party. Whether you are a teacher preparing for a lesson about the African continent, or you just want to throw an Africa themed party for a friend or relative, you will find all of the tips and party ideas you need right here, so you can make your party great today.

We offer two different Africa themed patterns so the dining portion of your party can be festive and enjoyable. These patterns do not include room decorations and other fun supplies, but they act as a base for you to prepare for the rest of your party. Below we have the links to these patterns as well as a description of what is included so you can get an idea of how you want to get ready for your party.

African Voyage Party Supplies: The very popular African Voyage Party Pattern includes two styles of beverage napkins, and guest towels. One style featuresAfrican Voyage Tableware Party Supplies a zebra while the other style features an elephant.  The only plate included amongst the African Voyage party supplies is a 7 IN. square Zebra stripes plate. Each of the images are of real animals in Africa.  This pattern is great for nearly any type of party. Many parents even use this pattern for more grown up Safari themed parties rather than the childish cartoon patterns that we also offer. These party supplies can also be purchased in bulk quantities which means you can get whole cases of these products at wholesale prices. This really saves money on classroom parties and other large social events.

Safari Chic: While the African Voyage pattern is great for general parties, the Safari Chic party suppliesSafari Chic Tableware Party Supplies which feature leopard and zebra skin patterns on napkins (beverage and luncheon), hot/cold cups, a tablecover, and plates (dessert and banquet) is much better for fancy parties. This pattern has a very snazzy tone. Rather than simple pictures of animals, these party supplies have patterned tableware to go up the extra step in style. Like the other party supplies discussed here, you will find that bulk Safari Chic party supplies can be very affordable when preparing for a large event.

These patterns are not specifically made to go together, but when used properly they will work perfectly together. Each pattern can effectively complete the other. These patterns do not include party decorations to make the rest of the room look festive, but we do have some animal print latex balloons that will at least make your balloon bouquetsAnimal Print Latex Balloons look great. We do have wholesale animal print latex balloons that include tons of different styles to fit the tone of your party. To complete the party with decorations, the individual who is decorating will have to use crepe streamers that are available in a variety of colors to accent your supplies, along with balloons to create your bouquets, and finish off the table with confetti to decorate for this party.

Read on for more tips on how to decorate your table specifically. If you have other ideas, let us know and you will get full credit for the idea when it is posted, and you will get a discount on your next order.

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