Party Ideas

Camouflage Party Ideas

Decorating the Party Area

The Camouflage party pattern includes tableware supplies like cups, plate, napkins, and other great table accessories, as well as decorations like party banners, centerpieces, and much more.  Besides the camo supplies partypro offers, there are thousands of generic party supplies that can be used to appropriately decorate any environment for your army party. Here are the first steps you should take when preparing for your Camouflage party.

  1. Add color to the room by using Crepe Streamers and Balloons that fit the color scheme of the Camo party supplies (colors will be discussed shortly).
  2. Make the guest of honor feel special with a personalized banner that is made out of high quality paper that is weather resistant so your party will be great during any season.  There can be more than one banner throughout the party area. Banners are most commonly used on walls or on doorways as the partiers enter the room.  Individuals can hang the banner(s) as well as the streamers, using a sticky substance called Sticky Tack.
  3. Don't just focus on the walls of the party areas, look to the ceiling for further decorating fun. Make your party extra festive with Camouflage paratrooper party favors that are easy to hang and will add an exciting touch to any party environment.  To add a cloud effect to the ceiling, wrap some crepe streamer around a few balloons and let the balloons float to the ceiling so it sill look like your troopers are descending from the skies.


Suggested Camo Party Colors

In addition to the Camouflage party supplies you see here, you can accent the party and add some solid color table supplies and party decorations to the environment to make everything more festive. The most common colors used for this party theme are: Greens, Tans, and Black. These and other colors are included in Partypro's selection of streamers, balloons, and other solid color party decorations.

Save money with the 1,000s of bulk and individual party supplies Partypro offers every day at discount and wholesale prices. These Camouflage party supplies are available in bulk quantities right now from the Platinum wholesale Warehouse, so you can save up to if not more than 50% on your order. If you need help with Partypro's terminology you can always view Partypro's party glossary.

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