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Centerpiece Party Ideas


Supplies: Catering Bowls, Balloons, Balloon Weights, Curling Ribbon, Flat Serving tray, and other fun favors that you see that you want to use while making a centerpiece that reflects you.

  1. GENTLY CLEAN ALL OF YOUR SUPPLIES (except the balloons) BEFORE PUTTING THIS CENTERPIECE TOGETHER.  You may decide to use wrapped or unwrapped food in the centerpiece bowl and on the centerpiece tray as part of this party idea, so be hygienic and clean your supplies before introducing food into the situation.
  2. Choose a tablecover that matches your theme, or a colored tablecover that will accent the colors of your party.  (for cool tablecover ideas check out Partypro’s tablecover party ideas)
  3. Choose some appropriately colored latex balloons (4-6), and (1-2) mylar balloons that feature a design relevant to your event.  Check out the Blue bulk warehouse for bulk balloon party supplies if you are going to be throwing a big party with a lot of bouquets.
  4. Pick out balloon weights (foil balloon weights would probably be best since the balloon weight will be hidden within the centerpiece), and balloon curling ribbons so the balloons will sit nicely at their place on the table.
  5. Decide on a catering bowl that will fit the color or design of your party, and decorate the bowl with stickers if the need arises so the bowl will fit the party theme.
  6. Place the bowl at the center of the table by itself or on top of a large serving platter.  The addition of a serving tray may add to the centerpiece, making it look more complete while adding to the centerpiece’s functionality.
  7. Place the balloon weight, with the balloons attached, into the bowl.
  8. Fill the bowl with whatever you desire; food, utensils, or favors, you can put almost anything in the bowl to make it attractive and functional at the same time.  For example, the tray under the bowl (if you decide to add the tray to the centerpiece) can be filled with crackers while the bowl is filled with cheese, or vice versa.  If you just use the bowl, use something as a divider or simply fill one half of the bowl with one item and the opposite half of the bowl with something else.  You can also display frequently needed tableware like forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and other tableware supplies so they are reachable and available to everyone at the table.
  9. Once all of these steps have been followed you should have a pretty cool looking new centerpiece that will impress your guests and reflect a little bit of your personality.

Be sure you look at all of the bulk party supplies Partypro has to offer so you can accommodate any party from two friends to two hundred tables worth of friends.

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