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Clear Tablecover Party Ideas

Table Preparation and Cleanup

This is a simple idea that works great. Everyone loves the glitz and glitter of confetti but the mess it leaves has most catering halls and restaurants banning this party supply idea. Home and office parties are generally very generous with confetti but come clean up time...... the headache begins. A great product in the solid colored party supplies section is the clear plastic table cover. Available in both round (84") and rectangular (54"x108"). The party tip is to cover your tables with a solid color table cover add confetti and other flat decorations and then cover this with the clear plastic table cover. The clear table cover will keep the confetti in place and will give the same glitzy look you desire. Clean up is a snap since most of the confetti is sandwiched between two layers.

This idea also works great for anniversary's, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions where pictures or other fun stuff can be shown without interfering with the place setting. Another great party supplies idea to make your event a success!



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