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Golf Party Ideas

When people think of golf related parties they may picture older gentlemen standing in a group sharing their stories of glory on the green while enjoying a drink. While that is often the case for more grown-up parties, you do have options to make the golf party extra special. Whether you are planning on some simple decorations to brighten up the room and give the environment a stylish look, or you want to go all out with elaborate decorations and table setups, you will find all of the ideas you need to help you prepare right here, along with links to the types of supplies you will need to get your party going.

Party Area Decoration

As you prepare your party area, you need to establish what type of party you are hosting. Are your guests primarily older men, or are is this a party for the high school golf club. This may seem like a simple and rather obvious question, but it is amazing how many party planners forget to evaluate their guest list.

If the party will consist of older men, you will want to deal mainly with solid color table supplies that accent a few golf 19th Hole Golf Beverage Napkinthemed party decorations that are around the room. For parties that consist of younger adults, or that you want to have a more upbeat tone while still remaining mature, you can use patterns like 19th Hole Golf party supplies that include table supplies, or you can go with a pattern like the Tee Time golf pattern that comes with a variety of decorations and party accessories to fill your home with golf fun.

Here are some other details about your room that you may want to take into consideration when trying to decorate. We put them in order since...well..if you get out of order it may be difficult to decorate just right.

  1. There are no scene setting decorations specifically made for golf theme parties.  However, you could use the Blue Sky & Ocean Backdrop (4X30 FT.) as a wall transforming decoration if you want to add a little joke to the party. This Sky and Ocean Backdropmay sound strange, but it can be a way to incorporate humor into the party room. With this backdrop you can transform any room into a golfer’s "worst nightmare.”  Seeing nothing but ocean and sand with the thought that the hole is on the other side of the body of water.  This scene setter is a quick and easy party decorations to work with since it can be temporarily adhered to the wall with a substance called Plastic Tack which is available at a great discount price to fit your party needs.
  2. If your party warrants the use of the backdrop, and you have successfully put it up, you can use golf themed hanging swirl decorations on the ceiling and entryways to add to the festive tone of the party.
  3. If you feel that the themed decorations will be too much for the party, and you need to pull the festivity back a little bit, you can focus on adding simple elements to the party. For example, a few respectable bunches of Balloons can be the perfect touch to the party without being too over bearing in terms of color and style. You can even add a special touch to the party with a personalized banner that can be personalized with names, ages, and themes.

Read on and you can find out how to get your table ready for an amazing golf themed party. Remember, if you have any party ideas you can send them in to us and we will give you full credit for the idea, as well as a rebate on your order for helping us produce great party ideas.

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