Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

Decorating Your Halloween Party

Make your party area look festive with Partypro’s vast selection of discount Halloween party supplies that range from the little details like confetti, to the big room altering decorations like scene setters and room rolls. Below is a list of step by step how to get your home ready for this year's big Halloween party. Scene setters are pretty easy to put up, but if you have never used them before they can be a little daunting. After you read through these steps, look at our scene setter tutorial on Youtube so you can actually watch the pro's at work.

  1. Start decoratingfor the Halloween party Halloween Scene Setterswith one of our Halloween scene setting party supplies like,Halloween room setters, Halloween border roll, and other scene setting decorations.  All of the scene setting accessories can temporarily be adhered to the wall using a substance called sticky tack.
  2. After you have the Halloween scene setters in place, use as many Halloween party decorations as you want to make your party area festive and fun, or frightening, and spooky.  With our Halloween glass magnets for mirrors and windows, and our Halloween door decorations for standard doors, you will be able to move beyond the drywall to the other vital focal points of the room.
  3. Once the walls have been decorated it's time to move on to decorating the ceiling. The ceiling is not necessarily a focal point in the room, but when you have Halloween Garland and standard streamers, along with Halloween banners and creepy caution tape hanging around the ceiling, it can quickly become a focal point. Not only will the ceiling become a focal point, but it will also be a testament to your devotion to the ideal of a complete party.
  4. When all of the Halloween specific party decorations have been put in place, you can add some Halloween Party Balloonsfinishing touches and accents to the room. Whetheryou decide to use red and black balloons to float around the room, or crepe streamers that will make your room look more festive for the party you can get them in individual quantities for small rooms, or in bulk quantities for large rooms. The bulk crepe streamers can be found in the Gold Warehouse, and the bulk balloons can be found in the Blue Warehouse which is essentially the balloons warehouse.


Color Suggestions

Halloween solid colors are pretty flexible, but it is recommended that party planners stick to black, red, dark blue, and other dark, creepy colors. Your color choice very much depends on the tone of your party. If you are throwing a children's Halloween party, you probably wouldn't use evil looking colors and designs.

Especially because of the economic state of things, you want to save money; we understand. For this reason, we have bulk warehouses that make some of the most popular Halloween patterns available affordable so you can get more for your money. If your party is going to be held in a gymnasium, or some other type of large auditorium, you will want to look at all of our Bulk Halloween party supplies that range from tableware supplies, to decorations and other party goodies. Read on for more detailed Halloween party ideas like how to prepare your table, what kind of foods to serve, and even some fun Halloween games.

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