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The Nightmare Before Christmas

A customer came in to our physical store recently and was looking for Christmas and Halloween party supplies so she could do a The Nightmare Before Christmas party this Christmas. Since that is a unique concept, we thought we would elaborate on her idea. She did not want her name to be used, but we want to say thank you for her contribution.

Decorating the Room

We do not carry, and to my knowledge no one is currently producing, The Nightmare Before Christmas paper party supplies and other party goods. Since there are no specific supplies for the movie you can use either Halloween party supplies for the base, or a Christmas pattern that fits the tone of the party. You will probably want to use the pattern that best fits the holiday you are celebrating, as the base, but it is up to you.

There are places like that carry The Nightmare Before Christmas accessories that can be added around the room to accent the theme. Whether you get salt and pepper shakers or some of the other cool toys and figurines that are out there, you can add some pretty quick, theme specific, details to the environment to get ready for the party.

Many of the party decorations you use will be dependant upon what theme you choose as your base; Halloween Scene Setter Party DecorationsChristmas or Halloween. You can use Halloween scene setters for the room with winter accents like snowmen and winter trees, or you can use Christmas scene setters with Halloween accents like bats, pumpkins, and other creepy characters. If you want to be really creative you can split the room in half by theme, or split the party into two rooms, each with its own theme.

Christmas Confetti SuppliesWhile the scene setting party supplies will take care of the walls, you can move on to the smaller, accenting details of the party. For example, you can use confetti for the tables to really spread the theme through every party of the party. Confetti party supplies come in a large assortment of shapes and colors. Look in the confetti section, or in a specific theme section under confetti, to find the perfect accent to your party.

You can also add some accenting hanging decorations to the room for an extra special effect. You can create everything from a gentle snowfall with hanging snowflakes, to creating the illusion that a swarm of bats is moving around above the party. Or, this concept can be mixed to feature bats flying through a snowfall.

Depending on the size of the party, you may want to look at the bulk party supplies that are available on our site. The wholesale prices will help you save money during the preparations, and the quantities will help you transform any room quickly and easily.

Christmas or Halloween Party Activities

Since this theme is so diverse, it is very easy to use nearly any Christmas or Halloween game for this party. One of the most popular activities would be a costume contest that can include Halloween and Christmas Characters. With Santa standing next to Jack Skellington at your party, you know it will be a night to remember. There are practically limitless party games for this theme. If you want some starter ideas for Halloween or Christmas party games, you will have to check out the Halloween and Christmas party ideas pages for more details.

Getting to Know the Movie

Are you a person who thinks that this theme is really cool, but you don't know that much about the film? You can have a screening of the film during your party, and you can do some research to make sure your party looks authentic and fun to match the film. Here is some additional info on The Nightmare Before Christmas to get you started on your party planning.

If you have any additional ideas, let us know and we will post it on our party ideas to share it with the world while giving all of the credit to you. Have a great day and get ready to celebrate life today.



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