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Oktoberfest is one of the biggest celebrations in the world, and the fun can be brought straight to your Oktoberfest party with these great Oktoberfest party decorations and discount party supplies.  Here are just a few tips about how to pump up your Oktoberfest party area.

  1. There are no specific scene setting supplies for Oktoberfest, but you can use a few 40 IN. X 150 FT. blue gingham table rolls to liven up the walls.  It is made out of the same material as a standard scene setter and it is the only item available that goes with an Oktoberfest color scheme.  This material can be temporarily adhered to the walls with plastic tack.
  2. Use Oktoberfest cutout party decorations to create mini-scenes on the wall, or to add some festivity to the environment.  The cutouts will make the room come alive with excitement and get the party started.  Use as many decorations as needed to make the party environment look festive.
  3. Now add some traditional party decorations like crepe streamers, balloons, personalized banners, personalized banners, and tissue garland to add some extra style and character to the walls.
  4. After the walls are decorated, move on to the ceiling with Partypro’s selection of Oktoberfest ceiling decorations, Oktoberfest danglers, and other Oktoberfest ceiling decorations.

Suggested Colors

It would be best to use blues, white, and any of the colors of the German flag: black, red, and gold/yellow.

Don't forget that we carry the widest selection of bulk Oktoberfest party supplies on the web. Bulk means that you can buy party supplies from one of our discount warehouse at case lot and wholesale prices.

Read on for more great Oktoberfest party supplies ideas and reviews.

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