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Oktoberfest Table Decoration

Any table can become the focal point of the party with some simple confetti, colored tableware, and other tableware party supplies and party decorations.

  • Start decorating the table with an Oktoberfest tablecover.
  • Once the tablecover is in place, add some appropriately colored and shaped confetti party decorations.  For this pattern, it is probably best to use round blue confetti.
  • After the confetti is in place, cover the layer of confetti with a clear plastic tablecover to ensure easy clean up.  The clear plastic tablecover will keep confetti out of the food and off of the floor without hassle.
  • When the clear plastic tablecover is in place use an Oktoberfest table runner to add some additional style to the table.


It is easy to purchase a mini foil German flag centerpiece, or a regular Oktoberfest Centerpiece, but here are some tips on how to add some personalized fun to your centerpiece using various discount party supplies and party decorations.

  • Tie some appropriately colored balloons to a balloon weight which will be placed inside of a 160 OZ cobalt blue bowl (the number of balloons will be determined by the decorator).  Surrounded the balloon weight with whatever is appropriate for the table: food, napkins, and much more.  This centerpiece will be stylish and practical.  Add a finishing touch to the centerpiece with a base like a 16 IN. blue sturdiware platter, 16 IN. clear platter, or 14 IN.white square serving tray.  The base can also be used for a practical purpose, but it will complete the centerpiece regardless of how it is used.
  • Another option is to use either the Oktoberfest centerpiece, or the mini foil German flag centerpiece, and place one of the centerpieces on one of the trays and use that as a practical and stylish centerpiece.

Don't forget that we carry the widest selection of bulk Oktoberfest party supplies on the web. Bulk means that you can buy party supplies from one of our discount warehouse at case lot and wholesale prices.

Read on for more great Oktoberfest party supplies ideas and reviews.

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