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Summer Party Ideas

Choosing a Summer Party Theme

Along with beautiful, warm weather, Summer also brings many party opportunities. There are patriotic holiday parties (4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day), luau parties, and beach / pool parties, as well as simple family picnics. No matter what kind of party you are throwing, or how big the party will be this summer, you can make sure it is unforgettable with help from these party ideas from the party pros. Many people choose to combine holidays with family get-togethers. For example, families may hold a family reunion on Memorial Day or Labor Day since almost everyone has off of work on those days. Others host patriotic parties that are meant to celebrate the meaning behind the holiday. Luckily Partypro carries all of the party supplies needed to make any of the summer holidays possible and exciting.

These summer party ideas will focus on family events and parties, but you can get helpful patriotic holiday party ideas in the patriotic party ideas section (coming soon). Along with summer patriotic party ideas, we know that luau parties are also very popular, so for detailed party ideas for luau parties be sure to browse through Partypro's Luau party ideas where you will find all the info you need to make any luau party amazing. In addition to the luau and patriotic ideas that will be available, we are also working on beach and pool party ideas to cover all of the summer party bases. If you have ideas or family traditions for the summer that you want to share with the world you can email us at the email listed above so we can help you share your ideas with the world.

Family Gathering Summer Parties

Most summer parties involve family gatherings, whether it is a simple family picnic or a large family reunion. In cases of large family related parties you can save tons of money by purchasing bulk colored tableware that will make any indoor or outdoor meal look extra festive without breaking your party budget. Many families like to take a decoration home from the party as a souvenir. If the idea of a souvenir decoration sounds fun, you may want to include one of our many personalized banners to the party. Partypro offers dozens of custom banner designs so you can pick the one that best suits your family party theme. Personalized banners are made of a special, paper/plastic hybrid material that is weather resistant to withstand water and heat. The party banners are not weather-proof, but they are made to be used in or outdoors, and to be durable enough to be preserved for future family events.

Preparing the party area should not be too difficult as most family parties do not have a specific theme, but instead use solid colored tableware or a specific color gingham tableware pattern that provides a traditional picnic feel to the event. Most of the gingham table patterns that Partypro carries are offered in bulk quantities as well so you can save money on big or little parties this summer. One of the biggest frustrations to a summer party can be wind, amongst other weather related occurrences. That beautiful little breeze that makes the day beautiful can also provide just enough gust to take your tablecover off the table with all of your empty tableware before the meal. To avoid this irritating scenario, you may want to look into some clear tablecover clips that are easy to put on and take off, and are small enough not to be a dining time annoyance. In the next pages, we will will look into more detail at preparing the table for your party.

Since you will probably be using a solid color for the party, it is easy to mix and match different colors and sizes of balloons to make the event look more festive. After you have added your balloons to the tables, chairs, or ceiling (if they are floating freely in a pavilion), you can add crepe streamers to the area. Crepe streamers come in a variety of colors and lengths so you can get the perfect amount for the environment in which your family party is being held. Usually we would suggest using some scene setters to transform the room into another type of environment, but since summer parties are traditionally held outside, scene setters are not really necessary. Of course, if you are holding the party indoors for some reason, you can choose one of Partypro's scene setters that features a beautiful outdoor summer scene like the 100 Acre Woods Room Roll from our Winnie the Pooh party decorations. This scene setter depicts a beautiful summer day in the forest, so it would be perfect if the weather outside decides not to cooperate with your party agenda.

All of our scene setters and other party decorations can be temporarily adhered to walls and other surfaces by using Sticky Tack, a temporary sticky adhesive. Tapes can be used, but when cleaning up after the party other adhesives can damage surfaces, and be difficult to remove in general. Sticky Tack is a wonderful party material that can make party preparation and clean up quick and easy. You have probably come in contact with sticky tack before if your child's school had a beginning of the year wish list that included glues, facial tissues, sticky tack and much more. If you have never worked with scene setters feel free to check out Partypro's video tutorials about how to use scene setters quickly and efficiently.

There are more fun party ideas on the way in the pages ahead, so read on and find out how you can make this summer unforgettable with bulk party supplies that are available at wholesale prices

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