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Winter Scene Setter party supplies are a great way to make a large area or wall "look the part"and give a room a festive and fun feel. Scene setters and Insta Scenes are printed rolls and sheets of plastic that when put together create a wonderful wintry scene. Scene setter plastic is sufficiently thick enough to not show through and is easily attached to the wall with a gooey product called party tack. Scene setters are fun party supplies that are easy to put together, there are generally 3 steps to putting up Scene Setters or Insta Themes:

  1. Start with a wall wrap- A wall wrap does just what it's name implies...wraps or covers the wall. There are generally two pieces included with each scene setting theme. The bottom roll will measure 48 inches high (or tall) and will measure 30-50 feet long. The bottom roll is designed to coordinate with the top roll and when put together should cover most home walls (8 feet tall). Many gymnasiums and conventional halls will have walls higher than 8 feet, in this case an additional wrap could be used to go 4 feet higher or a solid colored table cover rolls are great party supplies that will also do the job.
  2. Once the wall wrap is up, consider using a "banner roll" - Banner rolls are great accents to the top or bottom of the wall wraps. Also made of printed plastic the banner roll will be printed in a design to give the wall wrap a little more flair. Banner rolls are party supplies that are also adhered with party tack and generally measure 18" tall by 30-50 feet long. Banner rolls are also make great table runners and can be used to accent a solid colored table color!
  3. After the above items are up, add scene "add ons" - Add ons are also printed plastic sheets that vary in size and shapes. The add ons can be used for many purposes including door and window decor as well as giving substance or pizzazz to the wall wraps. Many add ons are life size prints that will give any room or area the right accent. Add ons are best adhered with party tack.There are many other winter party supplies that can add the look and feel of the occasion, please read on!

Remember to check out all of the other great bulk winter party supplies and party decorations located in the Platinum, Gold, Bronze, White, and Blue warehouses.

There are many other winter party supplies that can add the look and feel of the occasion, please read on!

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